... And the Seahawks Win the Super Bowl!!! / by Kevin Swantek

On Wednesday, Seattle celebrated the Seahawk Super Bowl win with a parade. The parade was attended by over 700,000 people. Larger than the population of Seattle. I was at work. It was important for me to be at work because we were having a big day at the office (not a life changing big day), but a day where everyone showed up because we wanted this thing to go well. I would have loved to be downtown for the parade. I look back now, and question which choice was the right one. No one would have died if I had gone to the parade, but the result might be that my co-workers look at me differently. As it is, I received some really really nice praise for my work on Wednesday.

Life is made up of tough choices for sure. A battle between what we selfishly want for ourselves; and what we owe to those who have helped us along the way. It's not always a clear decision. I've been selfish, and I've been selfless. Letting someone close down for selfish pursuits never feels good; but sometimes selfish pursuits are important. It's never easy. Sometimes it's just about finding a way to be okay with the choices we make, and not beat ourselves up too much, one way or the other. Go Hawks!!!