Putting the Attention on a Good Writer / by Kevin Swantek

This week has been busy. It's the first week of the new quarter at work, and school is hopping; and it's tech week for Seattle Opera's Rigoletto, which opens this Saturday. I'm also desperately trying to keep up with my health coaching certification coursework. Basically I go to work, bus to McCaw Hall for the opera, go home to sleep. I haven't had a lot of time to write, and so because of that, I'm taking this opportunity to promote a local writer, Brett Konen, whom I met as a supernumerary (extra/non-speaking/non-singing) on Seattle Opera's 2012 production of Fidelio. This article just came out yesterday, and feeds in nicely with my post The Neighborhood Coffee Shop. I hope you will take the time to read Brett's article, written for the Seattle Globalist, and check out a couple of these places. 


Three ways to get a global coffee fix in Seattle

I've personally been to El Diablo, on Queen Anne, and like it a lot. I'd also add the South African inspired Cederberg to the list. It's not specifically coffee related, as It specializes in tea and South African treats, but I feel like it's my only real contribution to this post.