29 Miles / by Kevin Swantek

A man walked 29 miles from a shelter in Atlanta to Lilbum, GA to be on time for a court appearance over a traffic infraction. According to the article the temperature was 6 degrees, and minus 10 with windchill. The man left at 1 a.m. with no other means for making his court date other than walking.

Georgia cops buy taxi fare for man who walked 29 miles to court on frigid day

It takes a real fortitude, and commitment to obligation to take a walk like that. I don't even think a single person I know who would have made that walk. Had the man froze to death, I might be writing a very different post, but he didn't, and I can only express my admiration for that kind of effort to try and do the right thing, without excuses.

Whenever I make a plan to meet someone, and I know I'm going to walk, I take the time to reverse engineer my route, so I no exactly when to leave so as not be late. The easy/accurate way to figure something like that out is to use Google maps. I put my starting and end point into Google maps, and select the walk function. Google maps is generally pretty accurate for predicting how long it will to take me to walk. Otherwise, if I already know the distance and I know that I walk a mile in 20 minutes, then I can figure out the rest. 

It's relatively important for me to not waste anyone's time when we've scheduled to meet. I go out of my way to make sure that I won't be late, and I never want anyone to feel like I don't respect their time. I can't say that I'm the kind of guy who would walk 29 miles in negative 10 weather, but I want to be.