When Walking Sometimes Feels Like Running Away / by Kevin Swantek

Sometimes walking feels a little like running away from others things. I’m as guilty as any at crowding out the issues I don't want to deal with by making myself too busy to think about the problem. So sometimes, when it all feels like it's too much, I'd rather tune out the problem. At my healthiest, I use walking as a means to relax, reflect, and have fun; but I can also put on my headphones, and my walking shoes as a way of escape. It's the most unsatisfying way to walk.

Generally, whatever anxiety I’m having (money, career, lack of relationship) doesn’t ever get better until I sit down, and face the issue head on. If it’s money, it means getting all the bills, and doing all the math; if it’s career, it might mean writing down the steps it will take to get me where I want to be; and if it’s relationship related, it means shifting my focus from the one finger pointing outwards, to those three fingers pointing back at me. Once I've taken the time, and begin to understand my problems, I can stem the anxiety that makes me want to walk to run away. I can return to the satisfaction of walking for relaxation, productivity, and experiencing life around me.