But For Crying Out Loud, Always Be Safe / by Kevin Swantek

On Christmas day in Escondido, CA a 40 year old woman was struck and killed while walking in the road. This story was a reminder that back in June, a 42 year old Seattle man, was also struck and killed while he was walking on Highway 101 in Lincoln City. His name was Richard Swanson, and he was attempting to walk from Seattle to Brazil for the 2014 Worldcup.

I’ve driven Highway 101 to Lincoln City many times. The shoulders can be pretty narrow, and the road is dangerously winding. In my personal opinion it’s not a particularly safe route for any pedestrian. I cavalierly defended jaywalking on Wednesday; and where I still think jaywalking can be done safely, I want walkers to know that walking on high-traffic roads, and roads without sidewalks can be extremely dangerous.

I personally don't have the experience to give advice about how to safely navigate those kinds of environments; but my message to pedestrians, no matter where you're walking, is always be aware of your surroundings, and never take unnecessary risks. Always, always, always be safe. Wear bright clothing with reflective materials at night, along with those little battery powered flashing lights (like bicyclists can be seen wearing). Make yourself as visible as possible. Use common sense, and don’t walk anywhere that gives you that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.